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Beal conjecture was formulated in 1993 by Andrew Beal, a banker and amateur mathematician. Beal has offered a monetary prize of $1,000,000 for a peer-reviewed proof of this conjecture . Beal conjecture states that if A^x + B^y = C^z, where A, B, C, x, y, z are positive integers and x, y, z > 2, then A, B and C have a common prime factor. One will call the above conjecture, the original conjecture and one will call the following conjecture the equivalent conjecture. The equivalent Beal conjecture states that if  A, B, C, x, y, z  are positive integers and A, B, and C are coprime, and x, y, z >2, then the equation A^x + B^y = C^z, has no solutions. Actually, the equivalent conjecture should state that if A, B, and C, x, y, z are positive integers, x, y, z > 2, and A, B, and C have no common prime factor, then A^x + B^y C^z. The author decided to start this website after publishing papers on Beal conjecture on the web for a number of years, and realized that eleven papers have been published in trying to prove the Beal conjecture. Eleven different proofs of the Beal conjecture are presented. Nine of the proofs are for the original conjecture; and the other two proofs are for the equivalent conjecture. The author claims that Proofs #1a and #1b, unquestionably and beautifully, prove the Beal conjecture.                    
                                    Proofs of the Beal Conjecture
Proof #1a: Beal Conjecture Proved Very Simply.   
Proof #1b: Beal Conjecture Proof & Beautiful Mathematics.                       
Proof #2: Beal Conjecture Proved by the Scientific Approach
Proof #3: Beal Conjecture Proved in a Page Margin
Proof #4: On a Single Page, Beal Conjecture; Equivalent Beal Conjecture &                  Fermat's Last Theorem Proved
Proof #5: Beal Conjecture, Equivalent Beal Conjecture & Fermat's Last                  Theorem Proved on Three Pages
Proof #6: Beal Conjecture & Equivalent Beal Conjecture Proved
Proof #7: Beal Conjecture Proved Finally
Proof #8: Beal Conjecture Convincing Proof
Proof #9: Beal Conjecture Original Directly Proved
Proof #10: Beal Conjecture Proved & Specialized to Prove Fermat's Last Theorem
Proof #11: Beal Conjecture Proved on Half of a Page
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